Monthly Archives: October 2013


Ever start to fall for someone’s mind?
The way they think, feel and write,
Leaving all pretenses behind.
Your soul strikes a chord,
Inside of me.
I am left with your words.
And with every truth heard,
I fall.
And with every new word,
I plunge.
Deeply into thoughts of you,
Of which I may not recover.
Listen to my words,
They’re true.
Be my lover in this romance,
Waiting to be written.
In the stars.
Not in the clubs and bars.
A romance of the souls.
A romance in the sky.
A love so huge we don’t even have to try.
It all comes so natural and with such ease.
Like the autumn wind blows away the leaves.
So catch me,
I’m tumbling down.
Reach for me,
Don’t let me drown.
Hold me in your arms,
Look into my eyes.
I will do you no harm,
I will tell you no lies.


Sexy boy, with your rockstar life.
Your silence cuts through me like a knife.
But here’s the deal.
Let me get real.
I’ve got something to say, before I walk away.
Let me strike a chord.
Let my thoughts unfurl.
Listen to my words.
I am not your girl and I am not your whore.
Don’t you dare call me baby anymore.
All your honey words dripping off your tongue.
I knew it wouldn’t last with you.
I heard the lyrics sung.
Don’t you try to call me when loneliness sets in.
I’m not here to be your pleasure.
I’m not here to be your sin.
I’m not here to stroke your ego.
I’m not here to stroke your hair.
Because baby, I don’t give a fuck.
I really just don’t care.
I was just a conquest.
Just a prize you won.
And I know your game.
It’s breaking hearts before you run.
But baby, I’ve got news for you.
Read between the lines.
I used you just the same way too.
You were only a good time.


One thousand five hundred and eight,
Are the number of miles that it would take,
To retrieve my breath you took away.


I’m not in the habit of feeling rejected.
I don’t need the thrill of the chase.
You can try all night to make me feel neglected.
But not a moments thought I shall waste.

On you and your mindless, confusing games.
Honey, it’s no secret; get a clue.
I think you’re pathetic and it’s such a shame.
Because baby…I am the hunted.
Not you.


My heart’s been torn out of my chest.
Stomped upon by boots unclean.
And in the ground is laid to rest.
Numbly suspended in a dream.

I lie in wait for you to come.
Like something dead in the earth once hidden.
And I know not where you’re from,
Or how the story of your sadness written.

I hear your feet above the earth,
Where I lay beneath soiled ground.
And I know you will come forth,
If you can hear me, feel me, make a sound.

Then suddenly you hear the drum,
Of my hearts distant beating.
And upon your heartstrings I strum,
An emotion that is so often fleeting.

Finally, As you uncover me,
You discover my heart is still intact.
For now your love can set me free,
And never to sadness we look back.


I feel like such a fucking fool,
Getting caught up in your game.
Believing all your pretty words,
I feel so damn ashamed.

I wanted you so badly,
Your lips spilling lies and all.
But you will only hurt me, and sadly,
Like a domino I will fall.

Because you do not give out your love,
You are only here to take.
So I’ve got to get out from under you,
If only for my hearts sake.


Everyone I try to see,
Leaves me hanging in the air.
As if they don’t know solid ground,
Or just don’t seem to care.
Always so afraid to commit,
To the night or to the day.
It makes my heart burst in to bits,
And send you all away.
I’m not here to wait by the phone,
For a call or a fucking text.
I have a life I long to live,
So I’ll move along; who’s next?


Keep it locked inside your lips.
Do not give me the key.
I don’t want to hear it spoken.
The lie that you told to me,
Because I wasn’t worth the truth.

Ten Letters

I cannot resist the urge to smile,
Whenever the combination of ten letters that is your name,
Is seen by my eyes.

Beside Me

The scent of your skin,
Lingers upon mine.
If I close my eyes and breathe, you’re beside me again.