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Perfect Blend

A perfect blend
Of spicy and sweet
The ideal mix
Of ice and heat


The perfect blend
Of love
And lust

Inside my heart
Deep in my soul
The emotions
Filling up
A hole

Inside my chest
This cage
Of ribs that protect
My heart
From the war
You’ve waged


Walk Away

So many faces fade away
Most have gone
A few will stay

Investing so much time
So much me
When will I learn my lesson
When will he

Learn that I loved him
Realize I cared
And when he thinks
Long and hard
When he stares

Into other eyes
Which are not my own
Will he feel sad
Will he feel alone

He’s so hollow
Filling a void
With pretend love
And false words
But darlin’
I will not be toyed

With anymore
I said goodbye
Walked away
Out that door

Hoping you’d beg
Trusting you’d plead
Wishing you wanted me
Or that you would see

I didn’t want to go
That I wanted to stay
But you didn’t stop me
So I had to walk


Pieces Of My Heart

Every one
That I adore
Keeps a piece of my heart
Sometimes a bit more

And the ones that take
So much more
Leave me

If I’ll ever want to
Give away
My heart
If I ever want love
To again

Despite all odds
Letting love creep in
Reviving this broken down
Letting love seep in

To these cracks
Inside my soul
Nestling Itself
So quietly
So slow

Stealthily filling
These tiny holes
These nooks
Filled with fear
Flushing out the worries
With fresh new

Cleansed and ready
Virgin veins
Ready to have love
Pumped in

I tried resisting
Staying stoic
And brave
Knowing all too well
I couldn’t

This time
From love
From you
Looking in your eyes
That night
I just knew

The war was over
The conflict done
The battle inside
For my heart
Had been won

By you
Sweet you
Keep my heart safe
And whatever you do
Don’t let it



He asked me if I thought I could write about happiness. And I thought and thought. Sadness is comfortable and familiar. But I’d really enjoy snuggling up to happiness. Falling in love with it. If happiness finds me I will love it passionately and intensely; and write about it with all my heart. So yes, I think the answer is yes. I can write about happiness if the opportunity comes along.


Friend with Benefits


It’s snowing
It’s cold
I’m waiting
For you to show
Be bold
Ravage my body
Engage my mind
Open the door
Kiss me
On the lips
Smack my behind
I want to be dirty
I want to win this game
Out on top
I have no shame
You’re dirty
And flirty
And darling
Not even thirty
You’re my naughty
Little secret
My friend I can always
You’re always there to listen
And catch me when
I fall
You’re my dashing
Charming lover
My friend
With benefits
You’ll always have a place
In my heart
And reserved on
My lips
A kiss


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Weed Killer


A knife to the heart
So let’s start this
You lie
You cheat
So I will defeat
This love inside me
That grows and grows
Your poison has killed
My affection
Because it knows
It can’t continue
With a vine wrapped
Around it’s heart
Squeezing and ripping
It’s love apart
Let’s douse this fucker
Let’s get it done
With weed killer
This will be fun
Drown that shit
Then throw the match in
Once it’s lit
Burn my heart
To ashes
These weeds
To soot
I have no need
For you
Your games
Your lies
I’m done
Time to insert
In your mouth
Your foot


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Your Kiss


Your eyes
I’ve memorized
The color
The hue
My reflection
In your eyes
As I stare back
At you

The expression
On your face
As I pull
You in
Run my fingers
Through your hair
Nuzzle your neck
Lick your skin

The feel of
Your lips
As they
Touch mine
The taste
Of your tongue
So sweet
So divine

As it parts
Open my mouth
My lips
Your hands
My hair
My hips

me close
You in
I can not
Nor resist
Your love
Your kiss
My darling
You win


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2 a.m.


Like an echo in a dream
Always at this time
It seems
To be my hour
Be my time
To spill my heart
Write these rhymes
I think of you
In your bed
Glasses off
And your head
On pillows soft
And suddenly
I can’t tame
These thoughts
I want to kiss your lips
Lie in you arms
Snuggle up
To you
Cozy and warm
I am awake
As I smile
And I want to
Keep these
Of you
But then the pain
Starts creeping in
And I realize
I don’t know
Where you’ve been
Or yesterday
Or tomorrow
Or if you even
Think of me
At all
Remember my smile
My laugh
My kiss
Or if you even
Or did you forget
Perhaps regret
And then I’m
To give you a call
But I remember
The wall
You’ve built around

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Only the brave


I said to him, “I don’t think you should read my poetry. I’m far too passionate and intense for most people. I may scare you away like the rest. I’m raw and honest and I don’t pull any punches.”
He said, “I know you are very passionate and that’s what makes you so incredible. And as far as scaring everyone away…they’re all a bunch of cowards. Do you really want to be with someone who isn’t brave enough to let themselves feel you? Someone too cowardly to fall in love with you?”
Then it hit me. I was feeling sad for myself that I was something to run from; when all along, I am just that girl in the tower that only the bravest would attempt to love.
And the truth of that from his lips hit me like an iceberg. And I drowned in his sincerity and his courage.

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Foolish Poet

Oh you foolish poet
Flirting with your pen
Stalking the beautiful writers
To no end

So many muses
With their silver tongues
Words dancing
Lyrics sung

You can’t stay loyal
To just one
You flit with thirst
Sipping inspiration
From their lungs

You breathe them in
Inhale their souls
Then leave them
And cold

Wondering where
You’ve gone
Who’s captured
Your eye
So swiftly you’ve left
Another muse
To surprise