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Seven Days To Forget You

On Sunday I will forget your eyes.
The way they entranced me and seemed to memorize mine.

On Monday I will forget your lips.
The way they whispered sweet lies and tricks.

On Tuesday I will forget your hands.
The way they caressed me and seemed to understand;
the shape of my fingers, the curve of my back.
For this they’ve always had a knack.

On Wednesday I will forget your voice.
The way you teased and laughed. The sweet names you spoke.
My ears fight to forget, but they have no choice.

On Thursday I will forget your arms.
The way they held me close and seemed to keep me safe from harm.

On Friday I will forget your skin.
The way it smelled, felt, tasted and the hurt it held within.

On Saturday I will forget your all.
Forget that I loved you, forget how you made me fall.


This I Know

All I know is that your skin is milky white and smooth under my fingers.
That your eyes are as blue as the ocean on a sunny day. That your lips on mine could quench my thirst in the desert heat. That the softest melody of your voice calms me when I am tense. That you inspire me, more than any other human has ever inspired me. That I will love you always; of this I am absolutely certain.



Sadness wraps
Around my lungs
Strangling and squeezing
Until I find
That I am wheezing

Trying so hard to
Take a breath
Struggling within
To grasp what’s left

Of my happiness
I feel it leaving
The sadness
Captures me

Love is deceiving


Turn Back the Clock


In my head
All the time
Is replayed

If I knew then
That would be
Our last

Night together
I would have
Let the time pass

Stayed watching you sleep

But silly me
I thought I had more time
Thought I had more moments
With you by my side

So I slipped out
Leaving you half asleep

And that memory of you
Is burned in my brain
And I will forever keep

You safe
Inside my thoughts
Tucked away
In corners of my mind

And when I’m missing you
I can then rewind
Go back to that night
Relive that scene

If only I could
Turn back clocks
And save myself
From this lonely dream


See Through

Oh darling
My love
My sweetest
Sad boy

Your eyes tell a story
And not one of Joy

You’re tortured
The pain you try
To Hide

But I can see
Through your facade
I can see inside
Your lies