Do you ever just want to drive away
Change your life
Leave everyone and everything you’ve ever loved
And start again
Because you’re tired
Of loving everyone
Far more than they love you
I want change
Love and romance
To feel the cool air on the open road
Drive away and drive away fast
Hug those corners at full speed
Breeze on my face
Spice on my tongue
I want to feel dangerous and alive
I want to be kissed by someone who really fucking means it
I want to make love in the car because I can’t stand another moment without him inside me
I want love and adventure
And I need it
I want it now

About VeraValentine

I am a writer who writes and chases the one thing that always seems to evade me; true love. For more insight into my mind and thoughts, please visit me on Facebook or Tumblr. View all posts by VeraValentine

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