Naughty Little Thing

A naughty little poem…


Mmmm baby please.
I just want to squeeze,
The weight,
From your heavy heart.
Till you have no more to give.
Leave you empty,
And rid,
Of all your love,
All your doubt,
Turn you inside out.
Scream and shout,
That I want you bad.
All the thoughts
That I have.
Are of you.

I want to
Kiss the fear off your frown.
Turn your world upside down.
Make you smile,
Till it hurts.
Leave you aglow.
I want to blow…

Your worries away,
To another day.
Lick your scars,
With my tongue.
Heart wars have not won.
And I know…

I’m a naughty little thing,
But I’ll make your heart sing.
Make your mind soar.
Not cause I’m a whore.
I just adore,

I’ll make you melt from my words.
Let you reap the rewards.
I want to be wild,
I want you,
In me.


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About VeraValentine

I am a writer who writes and chases the one thing that always seems to evade me; true love. For more insight into my mind and thoughts, please visit me on Facebook or Tumblr. View all posts by VeraValentine

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