And here I am
Right back where we started
The moment you broke me
And let me walk out your door
Shattered heart
Inside a splintered chest
I should’ve stayed silent
I should have ignored the messages
Calling me back to you
But here I am again
Walking out your door
Heart broken
A little more


About VeraValentine

I am a writer who writes and chases the one thing that always seems to evade me; true love. For more insight into my mind and thoughts, please visit me on Facebook or Tumblr. https://www.facebook.com/Veravalentinethepoet http://poetveravalentine.tumblr.com View all posts by VeraValentine

6 responses to “V

  • Ankita

    This was such heartfelt poem. To speak of hope, some situations come as blessings in disguise. Take this time to discover yourself, instead of pondering upon the moment that has cause you so much hurt. You will be surprised to know how much of a loving person you had been, because If you realise you trusted the wrong one, you know that you could love someone beyond being judgmental about the person. And that only makes you more beautiful 🙂

    • VeraValentine

      Ankita, what a lovely, insightful comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write a comment. You are absolutely correct. I have taken this heartbreak as a time to rediscover myself, and take a break from love. And in this heart break, I have realized how deeply I am able to love. I never thought I could love this much until I met him. So this lesson, as hard as it is, certainly is a blessing in disguise. X

  • sonofthemountains

    And of course, the most important lesson in love you can learn is that you must learn to love yourself first and foremost, after another heartbreak like this. Only by truly appreciating yourself like you deserve, can you get out there and start pursuing the avenues that are best for you….

    • VeraValentine

      Yes, it is absolutely the most important lesson in love. And probably the hardest as well. Life and relationships wear us down, and chip away at our sense of self-worth. Then one day you realize what you have become, and how much other’s treatment of us has taken a toll. That is when it is time to take a step back and recover and rediscover how amazing we really are. X

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