On my mind

Always my thoughts are you


I am trying
To focus
On other things
Like art and paint
But the truth is
I ain’t
Got room
In my mind
For beauty
Other than you
You haunt my thoughts
Distract my days
No matter how hard I try
I think of you
My mind is cursed
And what’s worse
Everything I try to do
Always seems to remind me
Of you
These love poems
I read, write, breathe
You live inside them
Never to be free
You think I’d escape you
When I dream
But night time
It seems
To be just the same
And the midnight breeze
Whispers your name
The stars they twinkle
Like your eyes
The moon it glows
Waiting for sunrise
And darling
I need you to know
In case you were
How I feel
You are always
On my mind
In my heart
In my lungs
As I breathe

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About VeraValentine

I am a writer who writes and chases the one thing that always seems to evade me; true love. For more insight into my mind and thoughts, please visit me on Facebook or Tumblr. https://www.facebook.com/Veravalentinethepoet http://poetveravalentine.tumblr.com View all posts by VeraValentine

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