I am killing my muse.
Silencing him forever.
For he refuses,
To bring me happiness.
And delivers only,
Stormy weather.
Inside my heart,
He chips away.
Taking a little more,
Of me,
Each day.
So I’ll set a trap,
Put him in a cage.
Starve him,
Of love and affection.
Leave him with,
The way he left me,
Time and time,
Forcing me,
To take out my pen.
Causing me to bleed,
Out my soul.
Leaving me,
An empty hole.
Inside my chest,
That yearns and aches.
And now I lie here,
In my bed awake.
Plotting my revenge.
Planning his fate.
My muse must be,
Before it’s too late.


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About VeraValentine

I am a writer who writes and chases the one thing that always seems to evade me; true love. For more insight into my mind and thoughts, please visit me on Facebook or Tumblr. View all posts by VeraValentine

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