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I am killing my muse.
Silencing him forever.
For he refuses,
To bring me happiness.
And delivers only,
Stormy weather.
Inside my heart,
He chips away.
Taking a little more,
Of me,
Each day.
So I’ll set a trap,
Put him in a cage.
Starve him,
Of love and affection.
Leave him with,
The way he left me,
Time and time,
Forcing me,
To take out my pen.
Causing me to bleed,
Out my soul.
Leaving me,
An empty hole.
Inside my chest,
That yearns and aches.
And now I lie here,
In my bed awake.
Plotting my revenge.
Planning his fate.
My muse must be,
Before it’s too late.


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He asked me if I thought I could write about happiness. And I thought and thought. Sadness is comfortable and familiar. But I’d really enjoy snuggling up to happiness. Falling in love with it. If happiness finds me I will love it passionately and intensely; and write about it with all my heart. So yes, I think the answer is yes. I can write about happiness if the opportunity comes along.


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Full of Lies


I made a mistake.
I trusted you.
Let you in.
Too soon.
Too close.
Skin to skin.
Heart to heart,
Pulse rising,
Only to part.
All those words,
You whispered,
They defied my
Common sense.
My feelings grew,
So immense.
I should’ve known better.
Protected my heart.
But I believed your sweet mouth,
From the start.
And that look in your eyes,
When you stared at me.
How could I have been
And not see,
The emptiness
You claim to feel.
I saw that magic
In your eyes.
I know it was real.
So tell me all day,
As you walk away.
That it was all
Just a dream,
And you don’t know
If you can ever grow
To love Me.
And I will reply,
With truth on my lips,
And love in my eyes.
That you my dear,
Are full of


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Beside Me


The scent of your skin,
Lingers upon mine.
If I close my eyes and breathe, you’re beside me again.


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Déjà vu


I love you baby
But I’m done
For this war between us
Can’t be won

You push
You pull
My heart
It breaks

And I’m not sure
How much more
I can take

I want you here
By my side
I want to be your
And you my

But love
I can’t continue
On this ride

Full of bumps
You’re inconsistent

To what you’re doing
To my love
I am standing on a ledge
Ready to jump
Yet you shove

And I go falling
To meet my end
But then your hand
Grasps and pulls me in

Only to repeat this
Bitter scene
It’s like déjà vu
Reliving a dream

It’s the same old story
The same damn song
And as much as I want You
It’s time for Me
To move


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I lie…I wanted him to stay more than anything…


I am dead.
I am numb.
I am barely breathing.
I succumb,
To the teasing,
Of another love,
Who whispers sweet nothing’s,
Which are nothing
But lies.
And you will find me,
Not at all surprised.
I always expect
This inevitable end.
You were a thief,
Never a friend.
It’s plain and simple.
You stole my time.
Inside my head,
It was sublime.
But in reality,
I’ll never get back,
Those minutes,
Days wasted,
And you have a

For breaking hearts,
For walking away.
And the truth is,
My love…

I never wanted you,
To stay.


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On my mind

Always my thoughts are you


I am trying
To focus
On other things
Like art and paint
But the truth is
I ain’t
Got room
In my mind
For beauty
Other than you
You haunt my thoughts
Distract my days
No matter how hard I try
I think of you
My mind is cursed
And what’s worse
Everything I try to do
Always seems to remind me
Of you
These love poems
I read, write, breathe
You live inside them
Never to be free
You think I’d escape you
When I dream
But night time
It seems
To be just the same
And the midnight breeze
Whispers your name
The stars they twinkle
Like your eyes
The moon it glows
Waiting for sunrise
And darling
I need you to know
In case you were
How I feel
You are always
On my mind
In my heart
In my lungs
As I breathe

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I am missing you. Sigh…


If I could light a fire
With the intensity of my love
I could alight the stars making
Them burn brightly above
I could shout your name
Into the skies
And the echo of my love would
Return my cries
Your name spelled out
In diamonds so high
My world trembles and shakes
When I look in your eyes


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Chilled to the Core

Absolutely frozen…


I can’t warm up,
I’m chilled to the core.
And I know my condition.
I want more.

Of you

I’m cold to the bone.
Sitting here alone.
Shivering and quivering,
Looking at the phone.
Waiting for it to ring,
Or looking at text.
I know my illness.
I know my hex.

Its my heart breaking.
I’ve been here before.
It’s my eyes waking,
Seeing the door.

You left me hanging,
In midair.
You left without closure,
And it’s not fair.
Every act of silence,
Or sentences unheard.
Leaves me shaking,
With the ghosts,
Of your unspoken words.


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